Extra Myst Mouthpiece

Extra Myst Mouthpiece

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Unlike traditional toothbrushes, our Silicone Brush Heads are designed to provide a 360° coverage of all surface spots. Since all teeth are brushed at the same time instead of individually, this means faster brushing time compared to a traditional toothbrush. Our brush heads are perfect for people with sensitive or receding gums. All of our Myst Brush Heads are safe to use with braces, veneers, crowns, fillings and all dental work. They are soft, flexible, and easy-to-clean. Our long bristles reach beyond the gumline and massage gums to loosen debris and promote proper blood flow. Toothpaste can simply be applied directly to Brush Head from one end to the other on both sides, then let your Myst device handle the rest! 

It is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months. 

Adult's LG
3.05 inches wide; 2.36 inches
77.4 mm wide; 59.9 mm long

Adult's Regular
2.44 inches wide; 2.32 inches
62.1 mm wide; 59 mm long

Small for Ages 5-8
1.79 inches wide; 1.51 inches
45.4 mm wide; 38.3 mm long

Extra Small for Ages 3-4
1.88 inches wide; 1.10 inches
47.8 mm wide; 28.0 mm long