How do I use Myst?

Step 1: 

Attach one Brush Head to the battery capsule. Run your regular toothpaste or we recommend a foaming toothpaste along top and bottom of Brush Head from one end to the other and insert into your mouth. Bite down so silicone bristles wrap around all teeth, top and bottom, inside and out.


Step 2: 

Firmly press button on front face of battery capsule. It will automatically vibrate to brush all teeth and gums simultaneously. Myst uses the ADA approved BASS Technique: high vibrational frequencies to effectively remove harmful bacteria and break up plaque


Step 3: 

For a deeper clean, grip and move (wiggle) the Myst from left to right while Myst automatically cleans for at least 30 seconds. You can press the button again for multiple modes, including three different vibration modes. All modes include our dental-grade LED blue light (tested safe for sensitive teeth) to also automatically whiten your teeth as you clean! 


Step 4: 

Wait for your Myst session to end automatically, or hold the power button to end prematurely. Remove Brush Head from mouth, spit and rinse once done. Build up easily rinses off antibacterial, silicone Brush Head with little water.


Do you offer different sizes and brush heads for children? 

Yes we do and it is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months. 

Adult's LG
77.4 mm wide; 59.9 mm long

Adult's Regular
62.1 mm wide; 59 mm long

Small For Ages 5-8
45.4 mm wide; 38.3 mm long

Extra Small for Ages 3-4
47.8 mm wide; 28.0 mm long

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If dentists recommend brushing for two minutes, how can Myst achieve that in 30 seconds?

Our innovation is based on a simple observation: the standard toothbrush design can only brush one area of the teeth at once, which means brushing your teeth takes time. Since Myst brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, the whole tooth brushing process takes only 30 seconds. This ensures the area of your teeth are cleaned using our antibacterial, food grade silicone brush head, expertly designed to encompass all of your teeth at once.


How do I get the most effective cleaning experience? 

Our brush is designed to fully encompass your teeth with our meticulously designed brush heads. Like any toothbrush, Myst  does not replace flossing. Flossing is crucial for your oral health and is responsible for preventing 75% of cavities. We also recommend changing our your brush heads every 2-3 months for the most optimal cleaning experience.


What if I still don’t get the cleaning experience I expected? 

We offer 4 different modes to optimize your cleaning experience. Here are the modes that the Myst offers: Dental-Grade, LED Blue Light Only (for whitening only no vibration) High Frequency Vibration + Light (Very Strong) Medium Frequency Vibration + Light (Medium Strength) Low Frequency Vibration + Light (Gentle) Hold the power button to turn off. We recommend trying each mode out to determine which mode provides the best cleaning experience and comfort


What about cleaning the brush after I use it? 

While our products are designed with Grade V waterproofing, we recommend removing the brush head and cleaning it after each use. In addition to this, you should ensure the brush head is thoroughly dry before replacing it back onto the Myst. You can also clean the body of the brush once a month. To do so, please avoid submerging or rinsing the body in water but rather using a damp washcloth to remove any toothpaste residue or build up. Pat the body dry once you’ve cleaned it off. 


Can I use regular toothpaste? 

While we recommend that you use foaming toothpaste with your Myst for the ideal cleaning experience, you can of course use your own toothpaste! 


How does the combined whitening plus led light work?

Our dental-grade, non-UV Blue Light is perfect for everyday whitening as a part of your brushing routine. The Blue Light also kills bacteria while whitening.


What battery life can I expect from my Myst?

While the battery life for higher-end models from known brands like Sonicare and Oral-B lasts for 2 weeks, on average most electric toothbrushes battery life lasts a week.

Our Myst’s battery will last up to a week. That’s because it features a new 10-minute Therapeutic LED red light and an improved 10-minutes Blue Light Whitening LED, which other electric toothbrushes don’t have. If you're using your Myst solely for brushing, the battery life can be extended to beyond the week's timeframe.


How can Myst Help with Sensitive Gums 

Our silicone brush heads are perfect for those that have sensitive or receding gum lines and also for children who dislike brushing and need encouragement. Our soft silicone bristles are designed to be low impact on the gumline assisting those who have a high sensitivity in their gums. Our products are perfect for people that are having a hard time brushing with a manual or electric toothbrush.


How does the Myst work to loosen plaque and food?

The Myst brush vibrates at 24,000 strokes per minute. This helps clean your teeth in two ways:

  1. Mechanical scrubbing - The biggest feature of this technology is the ability to remove dental plaque due to the action of its bristles as they scour the surface of the user's teeth. The high-frequency vibration makes the Myst very effective in scrubbing your teeth.
  2. Fluid dynamics - Although we only consider this as a secondary cleaning action, the high-frequency vibration helps move fluid around the teeth, to the degree that they're able to disrupt dental plaque colonies even beyond where the bristles of the brush actually touch.

It is important to note that the high-frequency vibration only assists in cleaning the teeth. By moving the brush around during cycle, you maximize the cleaning potential of your Myst.